Transforming Our Community
Roho Singo Building, Homabay
Mon-Sat: 08:00 - 17:00

Charcoal Stoves looks smart in any kitchen. Every visitor that would come to your house would like it. It makes you proud of its beauty and efficiency. With the SmartSaver you can save $6.50 a week for my family. You no longer have to work so hard to cook and to heat water for your family.



Key Benefits of the Service

  Reduced smoke which means less teary eyes and eye cataract problems.
  Reduced respiratory health problem, less hospital visits saving families on time and money.
 Saves firewood and energy, the time spend by women fetching firewood can now be used in more productive jobs.
  Reduces kitchen accidents for child

To Promote Sustainable Environment conservation and good health in the society, and to create decent business opportunities, market linkages and networking forums for women and youth.
To have all households/institutions adapt clean Cookstove/Fuels for cooking irrespective of age or gender.
To work with women and youths in the community, to increase innovation in design, production marketing for creation of decent employment and business opportunity, through entrepreneurial training to enhance sustainable development, environment conservation advocacy for household and societal impact.
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